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Teenagers are mostly the population of the nation which is involved in schooling and education. We teenagers are mostly not interested in going to school for getting education rather we enjoy going to school just because all our friends are there at one place. This is the truth behind every person who is in his or her teenage years. Yeah we know that going to school for entertainment purpose is not a good thing but you don’t get memory unless your create your own. Think about your teenage time what do you like most about your teenage years, you all will say the same answer. I know many people are very curious and focused on their education but most of the individuals are coming for their entertainment purpose. 

There are some students who are really involved in studies and that’s the main motive if you coming to the school or any educational institution, grasping knowledge and information will help all of us in the future but what’s wrong in creating some memorise in between. You will have nothing to share in your future while others will be sharing how they enjoyed their time in the past. Yeah we know knowledge na information is important but so is fun and happiness important in everyone’s life. We teens are mostly mistaken in this part like we go to school or any institution just to enjoy ourselves. Yes we enjoy but at the same time we are focusing on what’s important for all of us. We are not fools that we can’t even differentiate between what is wrong and what is right for us. We know everything and we take this as our responsibility that our parents sent us to these institutions to gain knowledge to become successful one day.

You all have just created a wrong picture in your mind that teenagers now are more interested in enjoying their life. Now we have much more options to choose from like if I am interested in sports, I will put a little more effort itht field other than my regular studies. We have a lot more option now available rather than studies to find out which is my area of expertise. Like if I am really good at Soccer or any other activity, I will focus on that as well. This does not mean that we are running from our studies and please do not misunderstand us. It can be possible that someone else’s life got ruined because he focused more on extra curricular than his or her studies but it isn’t the same case every time. We have that sense of responsibility and maybe we are not mature enough from our mind but we know what can be beneficial for us in the future.

Yes schooling and education is important but our area of interest also matters a lot. If we are more interested in something else we just want our parents to support us in that decision. It’s our time when we can try different things and we’ll discover what we are good at. Support in our teenage years so that we can do what we want to do in life.

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