Teenagers And Entertainment

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Entertainment industry is very wide and very big and we teens are the biggest admirers of this industry. No one else is involved in this industry as we are. Entertainment is a source of happiness and joy to us and we as a teenager loves exploring different type of entertainment sources. But why do all the adults have problem in our entertainment? Maybe your way of entertaining yourself is different and the way we see entertainment is different.

As a teenager what entertains me is something which comes out to be more interesting and more colourful. But it doesn’t mean that we are not interested in any social issue or we are just dumb for not involving in these matters. You adults use news channel and newspaper to know about what’s happening in the world be we prefer to google it or watch it on youtube. Reading news online and reading it from newspaper is the same thing just the way of getting the information is different. We are not that dumb as you adults think about us, we know about social issues and the latest news in the market. 

The entertainment method or platform that we choose is digital because it seems to be much more easy and convenient. Just because you choose television or radio for listening to songs or watching movies or videos we can watch music videos on youtube. We are more into netflix and chill and what’s the wrong thing in that? You adults can watch a movie overnight on your television, why can’t we watch it on netflix on your phone or on a laptop while relaxing on the couch. We are doing the same  thing but the medium and the preference is just different. 

You are working on a regular job and earning money by putting your effort in your job we are doing it online but what’s constant hereis the effort behind earning money. We may be not going for a regular job but we are trying to make money through online means which seems more interesting and more rewarding to us. For example you are earning $6000 from your job but I am putting my effort on my website and other social platforms and generating the same amount like you. We are born during the digital transformation and we are the one who is responsible for creating more and more social platforms. What if I do not want to work for someone to earn money rather we refer to work for yourself and earn money. Constant part here is that we both are earning money and updating our knowledge of work.

The way of doing the tasks and the way of conveying your idea has changed and it will be changing with every new generation which is going to come. Maybe when we will be at your age and teenagers of that time would be doing something completely different and that is natural because this generation gap will grasp all those things which were introduced during their development stage.

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