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Mental health holds the same importance as physical health, mental health needs to be stable for a healthy body and for a body that is free from any diseases. Every person needs to take good care of their mental health to ensure the smooth functioning of the brain in every situation. There are many companies that provide online counselling to people who are facing health issues due to several reasons. Many companies provide online psychological counselling in India as well. Many people in this world are dealing with mental issues but still, they are unaware due to delayed detection of their mental conditions. The mental issues need to be taken care of as soon as possible. Some of the best companies that can help you deal with mental issues are listed below.


The HopeQure is a certified mental health company that has a certification from HIPAA for catering to mental health clients from India. The company offers video consultation starting from a base price of INR 499 per 60 minutes of the session. They have a panel of 7580 plus certified psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, psychologists, counselors, and therapists at a very cheap price. They actively engage with people on webinars and help in spreading awareness regarding mental health and how to cure bad mental health conditions. They also offer 50 plus support sessions, corporate programs, and mental health programs.


Trijog is another mental health website that has a very aesthetic feel. Once you visit the website you will see the appointment button in the front with the description of the company and its services. Their services include online counseling, offline counseling, corporate counseling, child counseling, webinars, and educational well-being programs. The company says that they have more than 38 thousand satisfied clients from all over India. They even have 26 skilled and professional counselors and psychologists working in their team.

Better Help

Better help is so far one of the best online counselling platforms in the world with more than 20 million clients only in the US. They do not have nay chat assistance feature on their website but they offer a long and descriptive form where they ask several questions to the people regarding their age, gender, relationship status, religious identity, the impact of coronavirus on lives, physical health conditions, financial conditions, sleeping pattern, country, alcohol intake, employment status, suicidal tendencies, anxiety, appetite, and any more things, After that the person will have to follow the desired steps and complete the contact form and sign up for the online counseling.

Tick Talk

Tick Talk is another very well-maintained and attractive website with a wide user base of online counselling clients. The company specializes in providing Employee Assistance Programs which are short-term counselling sessions for the working corporates and the assessments that they do on people are standardized by Pearson. The quick sign-up process involves your basic details along with your email and a message.

Talk Space

Talk Space is a very great mental health platform with a lot of clients from all over the world. If you are 13 or above you can sign up with your nickname and email address and then you will be asked to validate your email id. After that one of their customer care representatives will call you and ask you some questions to know more about your mental health condition. After having a conversation with you, you will be transferred to one of their professional counselors to look into your problem and help you out in the situation.

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