What Teenagers Like?

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Teenage or teen start from 13 and lasts till 19 years of age. Once you become 20 you are no longer a teenager. Teenage is the time when a person is exposed to many new ideas and  many new institution, a teenager may see a thing which you can’t even imagine. The thinking pattern of a teenage kid and his mental ability is a bit different from all other age classes. Most of the teenagers finds out attractive things to be more interesting and more cool. Teenagers can think of ideas that adult mind can’t even think. At this time your mind goes on learning new things from your surroundings and you are constantly developing your mind with every phase of your life. If you see now mostly teenagers are involved in their smartphones using social media applications like whatsapp, instagram, facebook, twitter and snapchat. These applications are very attractive and the content is very engaging. Teenagers are very much interested in using these applications to follow or chat with someone random and more over teenagers are using this platform to earn income. They know how to use this app to generate revenue as a passive income. Like I said we adults are bust doing a regular job and we did not even thought of these platforms as money earning resource these teens have developed this platform into an earning source through various approaches.

Platforms like instagram, facebook lets you to connect with a large audience and teenagers know how to grow their audience. Their mind is full of thoughts and adn techniques through which they can engage with more people. Adults despite having a developed mind are not able to match the ideology that these teens use in different situations. Teenagers are very active and very quick in picking up concepts and ideas. Their minds show different possibilities of different scenarios very quickly. Teenagers have a very creative mindset and you can see that in their way of talking and the way they are interpreting any idea.

We all have passed our teenage life and we all must have faced some difficulties as well like teenage generation gets disturbed very quickly by small issues. They are very curious in knowing new things and sometimes their curiosity can lead them to some wrong situations. This time of life is very unstable like you get attracted towards the things which looks attractive from outside, teens do not see anything from inside properly and sometimes lands on the wrong paths.

Beside all these things teenagers see the world like nobody else they can imagine a situation where an adult min wont go. Once you get matured you are restricted from your thinking capabilities but teenagers go beyond that barrier and think out of the box things which is a very good thing. Once you get restricted to something you will never go beyond that but if your thinking have no barrier you can go far above your normal standard. Teenagers looks at a world full of choices and rewards which can be achieved according to the teenage mind.

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